Introductory message

I’m Israel… A complete newbie to Forex Trading. I hope to become a seasoned trader and I’m so ready to learn

its a most popular forum for the traders who are particularly newcomers . i hope you will enjoy your stay with great learning. by the way , most welcome in Baby pips.

the most important thing is learning. but learning can be useless if there is no regular practice. so we have to emphasis on practice.

practice is really important , i and for that demo is the best solution even though most of the traders especially the beginners dont believe the importance of demo.

Hi Israel. Keep the learning spirit and the enthusiasm in you on, and learn all the trading strategies and charts. Wish you luck.

Hello Israel. As long as you are ready to learn and expand your knowledge, you will become a seasoned player in no time.

Welcome to the forum. I’m sure you can find more information about trading and forex here.