Signal Trader For Free

Hi to all!

I know I’m new to this forum, but I would like to share this with all of you. If any moderator thinks that this thread is not in the right place, I apologize.

Today I want to share with the forum an EA accompanied by a program. It is free and has no time limit.

Basically I want to do an experiment :slight_smile:

Have you never thought about how good the signals given on pages like and others would be?

Well, I think they can be good, but other things have to be taken into account.

For example, the time of departure of the same.


I have created a portable program for Windows, what it does is read those signals and communicate it to MT4.

I have created an EA that interprets those signals and takes trades on MT4.

This EA is part of a more complex future project, which will be an EA for sale.

The EA for sale will operate in 10 currencies or more, and may also take data from

But that, for now, is in the future.

Now what I bring is Free and without time limit.

The EA itself has few options.

The Lot is fixed at 0.01

They can be modified:

Spread Filter

And here comes the experiment itself:

If users test it and share their results, and their set files, we can adjust a good output of operations.

Entries in general are good. The outputs, I have to improve them.

For now, the free EA operates in 3 currency pairs.

As you see the course and interest of the users, maybe add a News Filter and some extra currency pairs.

Now I tell you about the Windows program:

You need everything to work properly: Google Chrome and IExplorer

The program will open the necessary pages on and some of mine or my affiliates.

You can watch the video and you will quickly understand how it works.

For now, I have only tested it on Windows Server 2008-64 bit and Windows 10-64 bit

Please comment if it works correctly in XP, Vista or Windows7

Task Manager Windows 10

Any questions or suggestions … Tell me please :+1:

Signal created in mql5