Investors welcome


I am a student, my work and study schedule is tight, I made the sacrifice to cut back on frills to have more times to trade and get my much needed sleep. i am looking to trade an investor’s capital.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of the established and well known forex traders around, and when the topic switched to Demo accounts, in this exact words he replied, “everyone can trade Demo accounts” That wasn’t what I expected to hear, especially considering the fact that it took me over a year, over 10 different demo accounts of various balances I blew up before I finally was able to successfully grow my very first account. That is a wrong bias to have (My opinion)

I grew an 100k demo account to over a million. I have a well-defined strategy that is based on:

  1. The MT5 ( for its multiple time frame benefits, I trade the 8HR, 4HR & 2 HR only)
  2. Price action ( Reading and understanding the story behind every single candle stick)
  3. Momentum ( Tweaked with levels that serves an invaluable purpose )
  4. London and Pre-NY only

I am more than happy to have a phone call/zoom session to discuss this more with anyone who is willing to have me on board.

Thank you and have a wonderful Thursday.