Iphone app?

I’ve had the baby pips app on my iPhone 6. Just got a new iPhone and was trying to download the app again. I can’t find the app anywhere. Anyone know why?

It looks like this is still an issue. I just replaced my iPhone, and it seems the BabyPips App has been pulled from the App Store, as it is no longer listed.

Hi, is there any update about when the iPhone app will be put back on the App Store?

Can you not go to the App Store, Updates tab & then go in to “purchased” (right at the top) & then find it on the “not on this iPhone” tab?

Baz, that’s a good idea but the problem is that this would be a first-time install on this new iPhone with this new Apple ID so your suggestion doesn’t work for me.

I’d have to find the app either at the Apple Store or, maybe someone can upload the app here so that I can manually install it on my iPhone.

A new iPhone wouldn’t be a problem but the fact that you’ve changed your AppleID is where the problem with my solution lies.

Out of curiosity: why on Earth did you changed your AppleID?!?

It’s a long story. The app doesn’t seem to be available for download anywhere.

Is babypips forum really this dead or am I not posting this issue in the right place? I assumed by now an administrator would have an input, update, etc.

Try reporting your own post for abuse or something to draw the administrators attention to it.

Well, until admin fix this problem, you can use the following work-around:
Download and install the ‘Forum Runner’ app from the App Store. They have the BabyPips App listed under Business–Finance section. This will give you access to the app, but just requires a couple of extra clicks to load it each time.

Hello ohyeah,

Sorry for the delay. We do in fact use the Forum Runner app to provide the “BabyPips.com Forums” app for iOS and Android. The company behind Forum Runner has decided to discontinue development of the Forum Runner app, and in doing so, won’t update the app for newer releases of iOS and Android. I’m betting that’s why you don’t see the app in your respective app store.

We’re in the midst of upgrading our entire Forum platform, vBulletin. This also means the mobile version of our site will get a face lift. Without wanting to introduce a replacement of Forum Runner to then turn around and replace it again shortly after the new version of the site releases, we’re keeping the “app-sde” of our website as is. And the apps are still working for those who have them currently installed. It’s not a perfect solution by any means, but one we hope to have sort out in the coming months.

Thanks for your patience.