Iphone Trading

I’m looking for a Iphone broker …
There is someone who trading on Iphone …?:wink:

The only mobile platform I have seen created specifically for iPhone is iTradeMobile which created a platform for FXCM accounts using their API. Possible google search or maybe others know of more.

I often travel abroad so I use ACMs mobile trader platform, Its as good as a regular one and you can do pretty much everything, you can place orders and see full reports of the market and your orders.
The full info it�s on their web site, in case you are interested

supposedly there was a MT4 coming to the iphone/ipod touch. I don’t think it was released yet but you can easily see by either googling it or searching for it in the apps sections of itunes on your pod/phone.

Mmmm are you sure you posted in the right thread?
ArtVor asked for a broker that had a mobile trading platform, not if mt4 mobile platform exists :slight_smile:

PS: my broker won�t have mt4 until next month and I trade just perfect, I don�t get what is all the buzz about mt4, how much of a life saver it is. If you need a program to save your platform you are probably not using a good broker!!!

As a side note:

I have a VNC client on my phone so I just VNC to my home computer to look at charts or trade. See if your phone has a VNC client and setup your home computer as a VNC server. You can keep using what your using but mobile on your phone.

I�ve never used a virtual network computing system. Is it good? Does it really work? What is it about?