IQ OPTION a scam?

Hi guys, i want to ask. is iq option a scam? if it is then may i ask of to tell me because i am very new here. once again thank you very much for your replies beforehand. it helps a lot.


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Some of our members have actually shared their thoughts about IQ options on this thread: How reliable is IQ option as Forex Broker?

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A quick search of IQ Options in the search box above will show a number of threads about this company.

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is this a Serious question ?

Mate, Please… do everyone a favour and go to that search bar up the top corner and type “IS IQ OPTIONS A SCAM”

better still type it into google

you will get the same answer as if you asked the question “IS THE SKY BLUE” … Same thing

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I can confirm most options brokers are scam, they could be reliable in first time and then you would eventually put an end with zero balance.

I don’t think iqoption is a scam. but i don’t trust binary option structure

thank you… but i am still skeptical thats why i ask for a conformation…

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i see, thanks man for the reply.

wow kinda sad to be honest, thank you for the reply.

Ahhh i see, thank you for the information and opinion.

thank you penelopip.

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Given that the European financial regulatory body, ESMA, wants to ban binary options, I’d be skeptical of any binary options providers.

Probably the only trustworthy one is Nadex, since they’re regulated in the US, but it’s not open to non-US residents.

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I would say no. I used them before they stopped Aussie clients from using them. Never had a drama. Never saw any indication of price manipulation. And I got my profit. 9/10 people who scream scam in on such large brokers usually have no merit other than they placed bad trades and can’t blame anyone but themselves.


Hello! Thank you for your review.
As a representative of IQ Option I would like to give you an update on the current situation. Hopefully it will clear all the doubts. Let me break my answer according to some points discussed below:

1.Withdrawals decline
We can decline withdrawal in case we detect fraudulent activity on the account, also if we don’t receive all the required documents for verification or if one has used the third party’s payment details. You may contact our support to find out the reason why your withdrawal request was declined. Here is our e-mail: [email protected]

2.Account block

Please mind that under no circumstances we can block an account without any substantial reasons to that. That is simply illegal and therefore out of our practice. We do not block account based on their Profitability, this is illegal as well and can be traced.
We can block the account in case we detect fraudulent activity on the account, also if we don’t receive all the required documents for verification or if one has used the third party’s details.
The violation of our Terms&Condition should take place for such actions from our side.
Please, contact our support for the reason why your account is blocked.

3.Chart manipulation
Let us kindly tell you that the graphics are formed every second according to the quotes provided by Leverate, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bittrex and NASDAQ Basic and can be checked here on our site.
If you do not agree with the results of the deal, kindly contact our support! Thank you!

IQ Option is a well-known and reputable broker providing services in more than 170 countries all over the world.
And we do our best to ensure that you have the best trading experience here, and that comes with a lot of trust.
You can check all our policies on our site.
Accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree with the rules and procedures of the company.
At the same time, we should also fulfill our responsibilities stated in our Terms and Conditions. It means we may not block your account or decline your withdrawal request without giving any reason for that.
And you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or hesitations.

Thank you for your attention,
Alina IQ Option Team


Hello everyone,

   IQ Option Scam? i have something to tell about this for those investor  who start dreaming  after went threw IQ option attractive platform,  and think that they can make money easily, please forgive me if you find any grammatical mistake in my writing,  

Ok lets Start with me, i am doing trading business with IQ option since 2 and half year, I will share what i experienced with IQ option platform,

IQ OPTION Application:

There is two way which you can use for trading on IQ option Platform, 1.) Online in your Browser and 2.) you can download Application which you can run on your Laptop/Desktop, or Mobile, I have no idea about the mobile Application that how its works because i never used it, Its all about the money so nobody want to take risk, so i prefer to do on my Laptop,

When i click on the link where you can download Application for PC, they written there System Requirements which is like this
Operating system:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
macOS - OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Ubuntu 14.04
2 GB (4 GB recommended)
Video card:
OpenGL 2.0-friendly (macOS, Ubuntu)
DirectX 9 (Windows)

So please everyone if you starting business or starting earning money so i am sure you will go threw all System Requirement, because its all about your hard earned money which you are going to invest on this for make some money and because of your computer or laptop i don’t think that you will take risk, I would like to tell you that Right now i am using HP Laptop Ram 6 GB, Hard Disk 500 GB, And i5 processor, I think, its more then enough to run this IQ option application on my laptop,

I started using IQ option Application, started with some money but loose and again put some money then again loose, i was new to this business i think i should start study about this, and then again start with real money, i went threw some video and i find that now i an start making money till this time i was in loose 6000 USD, but its ok because they mention that Its high risk or don’t invest which you can not afford to loose, but if you loose because of your wrong prediction its fine, but if you loose because of your trade take time for 2 or 3 second for place and if you didn’t take trade on right price, and just because of that you loose your trade then its wrong,

I didn’t knew about this and when i see that its happening to me many times so i went again on google and search some same topic, which i find that i happened with so many trader on IQ option, till time i have my account manager because i already invest 6000 USD there and on that time if you start with 3000 USD, you will get your personal VIP manager,

Personal Vip Manager: what manager do according to IQ option they help you if face any issue with IQ option platform or payment also they help you to know about market, but my first account manager who name is William, never help me to teach, never give market update, but they came to you if you are making profit for know that what strategy are you using,
Ok after all this candle manipulation topic i read on Google, i went to my account manager and show him some screenshot, so he say there is no issue with our Platform, so please better work on your prediction but after all this i have gift for you 100 USD he give me gift, mean he want me to keep my mouth shut, remember till this time i am in 6000 USD in loose,
and he promise that next time nothing with happen with you.

like this i again starting with IQ option and till now invested 30,000 but now i am in loss only,
and if you go to them with this issue they will give you a link for ping test which only came right in their system, i have tried with many computer but that same ping test didn’t make any computer. mean that if you go to your account manager he/she will go to technical department, and in the end answer from them is that there is only issue with your computer or Internet connection,
I don’t understand that the person who is investing approx like 30,000 USD, he can not afford a best computer for run this application, but i also don’t understand that if their system requirement if our computer have then why their application can’t run in our system or making issue.

This is all my story about IQ option Trader since 2016.

If anybody there in this world like me please like or comment for this,
I want IQ Option Founder Mr. Dmitry Zaretsky should read this.

Thank you all!

This was my hard earned money. I was so stupid


Hello ViraatSharma, thank you so much for your comment!

First of all, let me tell you that we appreciate all the feedback, each opinion helps us to improve.
We are very sorry that your trading turned out unprofitable.
Maybe it is time to look at this from another angle?

The most important thing to understand is that trading has nothing to do with fast cash and casino tricks. You need to understand a lot about economics, markets, and trading to become a decent trader.
You may also use indicators. Indicators are the tools to make your trading more clear and, in some way, easier as it is used forecast financial or economic trends.
There many types of indicators (you can use several at the same time).
On our blog you will find tons of information for professional traders or for beginners.
If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them!

Wish you all the best!

Alina IQ Option

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Hello Alina IQ Option

                             Thank you for your response, so as i understand your answer is that there is fault or you can say that i have no strategy in my trading for loosing 30K USD, but if you go carefully with my post i have mentions about the candle manipulation which mean that, if i place trade for 1 Minute Candle and i select the quote 5 points ( 5 points my mean is that last digit of Quote) for example USD if i want to buy or sell on 1.145685 so my trade will placed on 1.145690 or 1.145680, do you guys understand, and  trade will close on 1.145685, mean i lose the trade, because of Platform Issue, i have more then 1000 trades which i lose because of this, 

And please after this if you will say to do ping test so this will not worth it, because whatever ping test screenshot send to us, i have tried with many other computer so its never came as like your computer ping test, as i mentions in my last post that my system is more better then your Application requirement and Internet connection is far better then normal people using in India,

But I don’t understand that after complaint for this Candle issue, next few days my same computer or laptop works perfectly fine on same internet connection,

When you not agree with your account manager answer or disagree with them, then they says we never ask you to deposit funds on IQ option and they repeat same line don’t invest the money which you don’t afford to loose,

One thing i clear to them that no one came here for loose their money any how.

When you tell them that you will go to higher authority like CySEC who provide licence to them, they says then we have to block your account, because its written in their terms and conditions,

So all over mean is that you have make agree with their answer that whatever they says its right and you have to admit it.

When you complaint to account manager then it will go to technical team and after few days answer came that if not our fault it must be your computer or Internet connection issue, this is only the answer they have every time, IQ option never take their responsibility for their platform issue, till now they change more then 4 account manager to me, and every new account manager says that your last issue has been solved by your previous account manager, which never solved, if you face any issue again then came to me i am here to help you. is this answer really worth mean again i trade and loose money and get back to them and they will change account manager for do some new looses .

One more example i placed the trade in ForeX for 500 USD in EUR/USD Pair, after that i have lost connection with system, not even me everybody for 30 minute, in this 30 minute my trade went in profit for 50% and when connection issue solved i was in lose 55%, and after this my trade never came in below -45% lose, who will take responsibility for this me or IQ option, because if you says its my bed luck then fine, but if this happen with you many time so its not bad luck.

They says best of luck for trading and when you are making profit, they strat keep their eyes on your trades,

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I heard about IQ option even when I was newbie trader. And till now i hear a lot about this company

Hello sir!
Thank you for your reply.
We do take responsibility if the technical issue was caused by the connection from our side.
And in this case we make refunds for unprofitable deals.
This is exactly why we are asking for ping test - it order to investigate what caused the issue in every case.
As for your second example, did you try to contact support via email as well?
The thing is that unfortunately we do not have access to your account from here, therefore I can not comment on that with more details.
Thank you in advance, I will be waiting for your reply!

Alina IQ Option

Hello sir!

Welcome to IQ Option! Maybe you have some questions?
I will be happy to help!

Alina IQ Option