IronFX A Global Leader in Online Trading

It has been a couple of months since I’m exchanging with IronFX. They are veritable, accessible, honest to goodness, and sensible. They are unfaltering, direct, and sufficiently controlled. So I am extremely fulfilled by IronFX and its administrations.

Sounds great but another opinion is that of Forex Peace Army who strongly advice not doing business with IronFX

That’s why you should never listen to others and do your own due diligence.

Thanks for your intelligent and valuable input.

I would prefer to listen to the general consenus on a review site than a 1 post spammer like the OP obviously is. Its sad all this site seems to attract noobs and spammers these days.

Their trading platform is very user-friendly. I like this broker.

hi, im new to forex trading, but ive been very impressed with IRONFX so far. i really appreciate the support and webinars they have for newbies like me. i also feel safe know that they have so many licenses. plus they support footie, so they can’t be bad! lolol.

I strongly recommend to withdraw the funds. There are hundreds of clients from all over the world with pending withdrawal requests since weeks or months. They simply don’t process withdrawal requests. Your funds are not sure

2 month I’m trying to get my money. They did not even bother to reply on my complains. Only a girl from a customer support talk to me but she cannot do anything…
My withdrawal request is pending. The money is on account. And that’s it.

It’s a shame that CySEC allows his broker to behave like that with the clients.

Dear Admin,

I suggest you to change the name of the Thread and take out this part: “A Global Leader in Online Trading”. It’s not only because of me but there are so many complains to this Broker. Even CySEC has issued a press release about IronFX Investigation
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So calling Iron “a Global Leader” you are misleading people

Just another typical trading forum thread spamming IronFx, started off in the usual way by a member who’s never made any other post here, before or since.

Unsurprising that at least one other well-known trading forum has added “IronFx” to their admin-files database of censored terminology, to try to reduce the spam.

Meanwhile, for anyone considering using this “broker”, this thread might be interesting: [B]301 Moved Permanently