I’m Introducing Agent at Ironfx. Someone has informations to share? Some one is trader of broker?

Lets debate about.

My Skype: igor.titara77

Kind Regards,Igor

ironfx - scammers
My name is Anthony Callen
Account was created 27.01.2014
Account Number: 8018005
They dont withdraw money, dont to give money
I sent more than 10 documents(files) for verification
They confirm every document during very long time.
I ask to help me.
where can I make a complaint?

so we must be careful in choosing a broker, may not happen again in the future

GO FPA forum, it has a section for reporting scam.

I have never tried this broker but it is very popular, not sure about its quality. Someone has experienced, plz share details review.

Hello Igorfx. I am a trader with ironfx. I was with fxpro before but moved to ironfx because of their good promotions. i was given an account manager who was always on call incase i needed him which was helpful at first. i am still trading with them and have had some good trades and some bad trades. Overall i have made around $6000. I didnt have AnthonyCall’s problem with withdrawal. I am reading that ironfx is having some issues with abusers so maybe they are being over cautious.

IronFX is getting a big problem in trader pay. Please be careful when deposit.

Hallo Igorfx, I am Emanuel. I trade with ironfx. they always treat me good. my account manager speaks to me very often. When we speak he informs me with economic events in the forex world. He showed me how to use the EA creator software so that I can create my own strategy. He is very helpful. I think they are good. I have made deposits and withdrawals with my card and never had a problem.

hi igor. i have traded with ironfx and while their customer service is responsive, sometimes their payout is a little slow. it seems like their bonus promotion has led to abusers, so members are thoroughly examined before payout to make sure company has no loss. as long as you are not scam and have a patience, ironfx is a good broker to have.

I started to trade with Ironfx about 1 month ago. They help me on online chat, my account manager help me with questions of the platform. Very happy, that all I can say.