IRS seizes $1 billion bitcoin from Silk Road

69,000+ bitcoin seized. The hacker, who stole funds from the Silk Road operators, agreed to forfeit the currencies. Nothing has been provided on how the hacker was identified.

Wow. That is an enormous sum! :dizzy_face:

Now imagine with the US government were to just drop those bitcoin on the open market to hit all order books? There would be many unhappy people. But they’re getting help, which is absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile China seized 4,2 billion USD from the Plus Token scam. It’s a bad few months for crypto criminals. :smiley:

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Whilst it always sounds Good that “Criminals” are seeming to be brought “to justice” - This also demonstrates the Biggest disadvantage of crypto currencies to every private individual - IF they ever take the place of cash !

I am not sure I follow? Please elaborate?

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