Is Anyone Here Using cTrader/cAlgo

Hi All,
I can see that everyone seems to be talking about creating EAs which would suggest everyone is playing with MT4 - but does anyone here use cAlgo?

for anyone who doesn’t know cAlgo it’s the developer specific version of cTrader and it’s based on c# - which means that your imagination is the only thing that’s going to stop you (there’s also an active developer network for it).

I think the other thing that makes it more interesting than MT4 is that MQL is a very specific variation of Java and so the learning curve is steep whereas cAlgo being a pure implementation of c# has a very easy learning curve.

If anyone has any good algos in cAlgo I’d be interested in hearing from them - or if there’s anyone with a really good EA that wants to reach out to the other side of the world I’d also be interested in hearing from them.

Thanks in advance,

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