Is atom tool for forex still working in 2020?

Studying market using atom tool is everygreen method,but seems like the methods are falling down for “atom tool for forex” anybody here have idea

Yes all trading strategies are unstable because market constantly changes. Volatility regimes, fundamental background, bearish/bullish markets (related to the phase of economic cycle), trading sessions, cyclical factors, everything changes. Basically it’s market parameters which are often used as constants in trading systems (what ensures temporary stability). That’s why trading strategies have to be revised sometimes.

agree, almost all strategies are unstable and there is no one which worked permanently.

use forex pagma tool,its easy to use search google “forex pagma tool”

I don’t think it is good software to use, it’s better to start with manual trading to if you have zero experience. Understanding mechanics of trading is the first step towards creating your own algorithms.