Is baby pips education enough?

Going through baby pips is very informative and I’m very grateful, but will this be enough education to be a successful self taught trader?

Just like in any other profession, you can learn something new everyday from many different sources.

Education is just theory. Practice is training.

I am sure, BabyPips School is very good place to start with, but only BabyPips School is not enough! It’s a knowledge based profession, and learning is a continuous process! So, traders have to learn by many ways and many sources!

Yes, BabyPips is enough! But, don’t be a rush!

I started my trading without any trainer! And I have learned trading through all of popular Forex forums, no doubt BabyPips forum helped me a lot.

According to me, for technical analysis BabyPips is okay! But for fundamental analysis you need more support.

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Here we go again. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. None of these post have any value. Simple yes water is wet answers.

Sorry bro but the answer is no. Babypips is a great way to start but unfortunately it is the first step of a journey of a thousands mile.

Think back to your school days. How much did your education actually set you up for life? Not one bit. It wasn’t until you got out to the real world that the journey began. So to with forex. But how you proceed will be up to you. Find a broker, open a demo account and get used to the platform. From there but, views will differ. My perspective is as soon as you feel comfortable with the platform open a small real account. Then your education begins. You’ll discover things about yourself you probably won’t like. You are greedy, impatient, emotional and unstable. You will need to conquer these weaknesses.

Then you’ll get frustrated at your lack of knowledge. You’ll need to develop research skills. And there will be the undercapitalization issue. Where and how do I raise funds? The list will go on and on and on.

But if you persist then one day things will click and you’ll go cool, I can do this. And that is a special moment. Then the journey starts all over again. You’ll look back at you babypips education and go wow what a waste of time that was but you had to start somewhere. Have fun


As some of you may have noticed, we are doing a book study on another thread. I was just reading the following excerpt which I think responds to the OP’s question rather nicely" :slight_smile:

"Becoming a forex trader is not an instant process—it’s an evolution. Beginners to
forex do not even know what they need to know. Trades are put on without a plan, and
beginning trades are really trial-and-error experiments. Winning trades occur but don’t
seem repeatable. The beginning forex trader experiences the market but doesn’t leverage
his knowledge. At this early stage, the exposure to quick and large losses usually wipes
out the trader within the first month of trading.

The second stage of the evolution of a forex trader is the discovery of indicators and
technical analysis. At this stage, the trader tends to use too many indicators. The trading
results are not much better, but this stage is characterized by hunting trades. The trader
overtrades due to a desire to put on trades as often as possible.

The final stage in the evolution of a forex trader occurs when the trader has sharpened
his tools and has acquired an ability to let the market come to him. This is achieved
when knowledge and experience combine. While the biblical adage that there is no wisdom
without pain still rings true, much of the pain that new traders experience in unnecessary
losses can be avoided. The best traders in the world lose perhaps 40 percent of
the time but are still able to become profitable." (Abe Cofnas)


I’m grateful for all your answers. With the intention of conquering babypips few times, what other sources would you recommend me to learn from?

Ty for your answer.
Im walking into trades without understanding price action, relying too much on indicators but not enough on chart patterns or the whole shabang. I trade 1 min chart. I know I’m doing everything wrong but I don’t know what to actually focus on and learn. Looking forward to hear from you.

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I think it depends on person to person and their IQ of learning. If they are good at self-learning then it is enough for them to learn here and work on a demo for more skills.

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Babypips provides a lot of knowledge about forex and there is no doubt about that but it does not mean that it is just enough. Forex is very vast and there is something to learn in forex each and every day. Babypips is very informative but there are various other sources as well through which you can learn more about forex and trading. And the main thing which plays the most important role is practice. Everything looks very easy when you read about them on various forums but the exact knowledge is gained when you implement them practically on your trading account and that’s how you are going to learn and grow.

No doubt baby pips education is very informative and valuable but it is not enough, you will have to work on demo account at least 2-3 weeks as practical experience is also compulsory for getting success in real trading, so complete the demo work.

Yes I agree. I’m currently practicing with a Pro’s supervision who was kind enough not to charge me. The most valuable thing I’ve learnt is you don’t need to know everything only those things which work for you, and I have been using this strategy in my demo and have large successes.
Week Gone by I’ve done 15 Trades with 2 losses with a total of 292 pips, which is £4,385,64 in money.
I plan to demo for few more months so I can fully establish my trading system.
Wish me luck!

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Unfortunately, I can’t see your reply! Can you please different words?

Babypips forex course is one of the best course I can find from Internet.

Baby Pips Education is a good idea to get to know the world of trading in theory, but to start trading is a necessary practice. First of all start with demo. In this way you will gain more experience and you will have more confidence in yourself in what you do. And when you have specific questions, you can always ask here in the Forum or try to find the answers here.
Good luck!