Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? What Forex Traders Need to Understand

I trade my Forex accounts with Bitcoin as the base currency. I don’t care if you use dollars, euros or pounds as yours. Strategies work the same on all account types.

Understand why I do what I do by investing the time to watch this video. Please like, comment and share to help this video get seen by as many people as possible.

It is important we help as many people as possible find safety in this financial climate and $244 trillion global debt crisis.

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that’s how I deposit and withdraw with my forex account, via Bitcoin :+1:t5:
haven’t had any issues yet

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Good video, gradually we will see that these coins will take over all other currencies. Let people become a little more aware of it.

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Lol I dont believe they will take over currencies. It’ll always be around because people who want to move money around without their identity shown will use it. But it is so unreliable, so volatile, so easily manipulated that it cant be anything solid to replace money. Time will tell. But I do not use nor advise anyone to get involved with it.

Investing in the early days wouldve made you some money. Now you’re just tying up large amounts of cash on hope so wouldnt trade/invest in it.

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It won’t take over other currencies until its regulated just like other currencies are. It’ll be around for people to use as the previous user said. Me myself it’s way too volatile and just doesn’t have a strict guideline for me to put my money in it. Though whatever is comfortable for you and works for you is all that matters at the end of the day.

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This is a common misconception about Bitcoin, that it is not regulated.

Here is how Bitcoin is regulated around the world,

And in the USA

Yeahhhh, no, Bitcoin will not be taking over the currency due to the high level of volatility. However, they will be doing fine living side by side with currency just like how coins are living side by side with paper money.

Isn’t Bitcoin’s high volatility the exact reason it is taking over?

Bitcoin is currently the 11th largest base money in the world!

Give it about 18 months and it is expected to be the 5th largest base money in the world.

Let’s look at how quickly it has grown in its 10 years.

It’s on track to exceed M1 USD in the next 5 years… That’s to say all the money in cash, credit card and cheque accounts, of the world reserve currency.

Can you explain to me how it is unreliable in your opinion, because as far as I’m concerned, I’ve lost many nickles and dimes in my life, Dollars, even 20s, but I’ve never lost any of my btc. Also, btc isn’t anonymous, so anyone using btc to not show their identity failed by using btc in the first place. I understand volatile, that it is, but it’s still so young in the grand scheme of things. Sorry but I feel like you don’t fully understand it. I’m no success story, but at least I don’t pretend to understand something I don’t. If you don’t use it, then it sounds like you’re not a part of the community. If you’re not a part of the community then you’re probably just looking at it from a profit standpoint,. If this is the case, you likely do not have the understanding to make such advise against it. Live it every day, be a massive part of the community, run your own full node or miner, or create a lightning network node. Contribute to the movement. Then tell me how you feel. Bitcoin is about much more than profit.

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i agree. bitcoin is a very good investment if one believes in it’s purpose.

You need to step out of the bitcoin bubble and think about what it is. Heres why its unreliable: Today you buy bitcoin, tomorrow you go to buy a car with that bitcoin and maybe in that time someone who has a lot of bitcoin sells a %. When you get to the showroom you cant buy the car. And you dont know why its sold off and whether it’ll come back up because it is backed by nothing. It’s an illusion, a puff of smoke. Just demand by us, normal people lol. Atleast if the ftse drops, you can look at the uk economy and say that’s why my £ is weaker. In bitcoin what can you look at, lol the owner?
You may not have lost btc but many people have. They’ve been hacked, lost on sudden drops, lost passwords, so cant get into accounts. Lol imagine that. All your money gone because you have no password. You go on holiday and when you come back your btc has shot up, no idea why but you’re holiday was much more expensive because you paid in bitcoin before the rally. Oh well carry on with life. Bitcoin only helps the early adopters who hold massive amounts of bitcoin. They love people like you pushing bitcoin because they become more rich.

You are part of the community you tell me. As a currency its too volatile and can be easily manipulated, as an investment it ties up too much cash and is unpredictable. So what is the point of bitcoin?

We all know gold is heavily manipulated, Heck last month three JPMorgan traders were charged with gold manipulation and last year a JPMorgan trader was found guilty of it.

Gold is still money. And it is a store of value which holds its value during both deflation and inflation. I would NEVER buy a car with gold and I would NEVER buy a car with Bitcoin. That is what fiat is for.

It is a fallacy that only early adopters make money from Bitcoin. It was an enormous risk buying Bitcoin in the early days and most people who bought at $100 sold at $200.

Bitcoin will see a 10x with the next 18 months. You will say it is a bubble at that time. You will say only early adopters can make money from it. It will 10x again from that point. Eventually you are going to have to buy in. And yes, then it will be too late. The price appreciation will be over. Anyone buying Bitcoin now is an early adopter.

What is the point of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first ever money with a known monetary policy that cannot be manipulated. It is digital and can be sent across the internet, radio or satellite. Gold is very difficult to transact…

It is a public ledger that cannot be cheated i.e. no fraud. It is the most attacked piece of software ever created and cannot be hacked.

It is decentralized meaning you do not need to trust a third party. You can send and receive money from anyone in the world, whenever you want, without anyone having a say in it and almost instantly.

It is borderless.

It is unconfistable meaning nobody can freeze your funds or prevent your access to them.

Bitcoin is the future. Start doing your research or you are going to be left behind.

As Fed Chair Powell put it last week when testifying ‘the national debt is growing faster than the economy and poses a threat to future generations.’ He also said he nor anybody knows what to do about it.

The current fractional reserve debt based system is unsustainable. Buy Bitcoin.

It’s not an enormous risk buying in the early days because people only buy bitcoin if they believe in it to their core. These people even coined the term ‘hodlers’. Theyll hold forever. They just need other people to keep buying to increase the value of what they hold.

The amount of times I’ve heard people say itll be back at the highs and then higher. They’re nowhere to be seen now. Bitcoin will only 10x if people buy more but its backed by nothing. Just people saying it will be 10x. It’s still making lower daily lows so not seeing a turnaround yet. Well I’ll leave you to buying bitcoin. And we’ll see where we are in 18 months and if it has 10x.

It’s back by math. It’s back by code. It is backed by the largest decentralized network in the world.

Fiat is backed by nothing. Good luck. We will revisit this every next 10x to hear you say it is backed by nothing and too expensive.

My guess is around $350,000 you have no choice but to exchange what fiat you have for Bitcoin.