Is Bitcoin heading to $20,000?

$20,000 Bitcoin is back on the table if bulls clear this key resistance cluster.

I think so but wouldn’t like to say when. I hope it is more a steady climb up as it has been to this point with breathers along the way rather than pump and dump like last time

Excited to see how this turns out! :thinking:

Going by reports I think it is bound to happen.

It looks like it may actually happen. I was so sceptical, but it’s very bullish.

It will get sold off for sure. The people who bought from 2017 are just waiting to get out hahhaa unless they’re all about buying high and selling low :joy:

I think it will fall first then maybe next year it will hit $20k

By the looks of it BTC may rally directly to 20k.

Beyond it but then we will see a chunky retrace I think. However, there is more structure than the last time it was at these levels so it will go way beyond $20k in 2021

By the looks of it BTC will reach 20k soon, the question is how much higher it will climb.

I am not sure if people who bought in 2017 are now selling. Considering overall situation in the whole world, they would probably double their bets. I think that $20K is quite possible in the near time.

I know some who have and are probably waiting to just make a bit of profit and get out. Although like you, I’d have doubled down… had I known of course :joy:

We could see 20K this week, price pulled back 1,000 today but the bulls bought the pullback, once 20K is cleared we could see 100K bitcoin by this time next year.

Honestly, I’m quite surprised that this is actually happening. :sweat_smile: The difference now from when I posted this article is that the major alt coins are also showing strength.

Fingers crossed for this. Are you still doing your weekly buying strategy?

Yeah for sure there will be a sell off. Then they will buy back higher if bitcoin goes to $30,000 or up. :sweat_smile:

LOL. #buyhighselllow