Is Blu FX scam?

True. I can relate to this. But over time I have gotten better. Especially when I read Trading in the Zone. I love that book

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Nah men.
A popular disclosure in Forex is that previous results don’t guarantee future returns. So the week you joined Forex simply did what it does best.
Remember every broker isn’t the same with their spreads and all. So there could be a slight difference.
I have been using them for months now and it has been going well tbh. I have met others online too who use them and don’t have such issues.

Sorry about your experience.
However we don’t give demo accounts in Blufx. We give real accounts and our customers like some here on this thread can testify for that.
Please take note that spreads differ from broker to broker. Also our broker is an FCA regulated broker so they uphold the rules set by the FCA.
Should you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

I think i like to trade with a prop firm but im wondering why i cant pay a one off fee and start with a demo?

i’m guessing you are one to talk to.
Is there any age limit to traders that can join your company?
Is it preferably males or can i join despite my age and gender?

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Out of curiosity not convinced at all, i was going to do abit of research regarding these people due to someone else mentioning it on here.I dont think i even bother to do that now, sounds a total waste of time

total waste of time? what could you be seeing that im not? do you mind sharing?

what do you mean ???

Hey mate. we think the demo account challenge is a myth and we have a blog post that explains that. it is ok for some beginners. but it can be an expensive option as the one-off fee has to be paid each time you take the challenge . With our simple monthly charge you can get paid each month without having to pass challenges. note that once you achieve fund manager status you no longer pay the monthly fee.

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Not at all Madam. We have no age restrictions as such. If you qualify to open an account with an FCA regulated broker then he same applies with us.
we work with all genders and do not discriminate anyone for that. We would be glad to have you on board should you find our offering of value to you.

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okay. pardon me. i thought i was clear enough. you said this sounds like a waste of time. i was asking what you were seeing that made you say so.

really? now this is wonderful news! as one gets older sometimes some opportunities are shut out for the young ones only. i like this already.
still i have some doubts,what is the guarantee that i’d get my account when i pay and even get paid should i hit the target set by you?

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Yes madam. No age restrictions,
We have a facebook group you can search for and join, Blufx traders. You can search through the group and see the proofs you need. People who just paid and are waiting for or have gotten their accounts, those who have grown to a certain percentage in their account and also those who received payments.

OK. so what you are saying is that i have the choice between trading a demo for 2 months with the hopes of not having to pay again assuming i pass the 1st month successfully or i can pay you guys and trade a real account immediately with the hopes of cashing out monthly but with the caveat of paying monthly too.
what would it take to achieve fund manager status?


The life we live. we always have to choose men.
I had personally tried a demo account before joining blufx. And no, i didnt get to pass the demo after wasting 3 months. I didnt know this other option existed. i doubt i would have gone ahead with their offering of trading with a demo. I hope you make the right choice if you decide to join a prop fund.


im with brokers that been established since 74 and regulated i dont trust them let alone that outfit

hey ma’am. i’ve been active on blufx for quite some time now. i can tell you that it is real. real accounts and not demos. a good broker. and good support. I’ve gotten to meet some traders on the fb group and forged relationships.

Yes you are correct. I hope you do your research and make the best decision for you.
You’d need to compound some of your profits instead of withdrawing all, to achieve fund manager status. The company would match up what you keep and double your account. all this is with real money. You’d do that till it gets to 1 million. Please note that while doing this, you can still withdraw profits should you choose to and also at any point before reaching that level, you can choose to simply withdraw and not continue.

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Okay. i see your point now.
well, we cant trust only things that are old can we? thats why we have regulators and bodies, to fish out those who are good and bad whether old or new. From what i have gathered, their broker is FCA regulated. I dont see why they would risk it all for just 1 prop fund.
Oh well, you know what you are looking out for

Hello I also have an account with you. I had a problem on Friday. I am currently in loss I have 48500 dollars left Thursday I start a trade that I close Friday morning with a gain of 1030 dollars. I had put a lot of 0.4. After closing this one Friday morning I can only put lots of 0.1 and arrive at noon impossible to place an order even a lot at 0.01 met me that I am not enough money !!! I send messages to your site and no response. My account is valid until 03/13/2020. You can explain to me what is happening with my account and solve the problem.