Is Blu FX scam?

ahhh…Swing trading. I wish i had the stomach for that. Alas, i dont!

Hello guys. I would like to find out, if my account grows to 30k from 25k, does my draw-down still remain the same as the 25k initial balance of 2500k or does it increase??

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Hello John. It remains the same as the initial draw-down of the account you go for, whether it is the $25,000 or $50,000. So if you are at $30,000 in balance, then you are thousands of dollars away from your draw down which is a good thing. I hope you understand.

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Okay. I understand. $2500 from the initial balance remains my draw-down no matter what my account balance gets up to. thanks

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Well said bro. I’m having the time of my life. But the corona virus epidemic isnt cool though.

What are the documents to provide before one can start trading

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Exactly. Cheers mate. Trade safely especially during these times.

Thanks for asking mate.We would need documents that certify your full name, proof of address & proof of ID (passport or licence)

Alright thanks

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Anytime mate

Hello everyone. In this season of volatility and uncertainty, where we have some prop funds closing down temporarily. not paying out withdrawals or not responding to their clients, we want to assure you that we are not going anywhere. We will continue to pay out as at when due and serve you throughout this period.
Thank you.


I needed this reassurance from youguys. I hear Topstepfx has shut down temporarily even though they still allowed new subscribers to continue with demo trading to qualify for a supposed real account.

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The pandemic is spreading to new places by the day. I have already been in doors for a week now along with people in my state.There isnt much of a panic for now though. I hope this comes to an end soon. see what its doing to the markets.

Oh you heard too? but doesnt the demo account experience the same volatility and spread issue that is happening with real accounts this period? whats the point of still taking in new subscribers to trade a demo account while stopping those with real accounts?

What is your experience with them please, do you mean there are real giving $25k?

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Same here. You are not alone. I’m in south korea and you can smell the fear on the streets. we hope this comes to an end soon. The market has been volatile. See the spreads for gold. Incredible. I’m waiting it out for gold while i trade normal currencies.

Andi almost signed up with them. Lol.
Btw guys. I hit 5% and was able to request a withdrawal it on time. I’m expecting my first payment today. I cant wait!


Yes amsaint. Its not a demo. Its a real account with spread and swap. They have a 25K and a 50K account and they are both real.
Its been alright so far. I was able to hit the minimum target and click to withdraw before the payment deadline of this month. So im going to be paid today. i always look forward to 25th of every month.

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A narrow escape.Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your profits. What made you change your mind when deciding?

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Beats me. This is why i love blufx. Simple and straight forward. Makes it easier tot trust them. And even with the real accounts they give plus the present volatility in the market, they are still going on strong. Did you hear about the payout record?