Is Donald Trump going to jail? What will happen to the value of the USD?

Donald Trump aka Inmate P01135809

So with this weeks news about the Proud Boys leader going to jail for a long long time for his part in the pro-Trump actions at Capital Hill. I wonder what this means for Donald???

So here’s the questions:

  • Will Donald Trump aka Inmate P01135809 get a jail sentence if so, for how long?

  • What will happen to the value of the USD if he gets banged up? Bullish or bearish?

Is there any news that negatively impacts the USD? It’s almost impossible to make it go down. The only way would be the rest of the world’s economy to outperform the US whilst the US economy is steady.

All news for the US economy is good meaning the USD goes up. Bad news for the US economy brings fears of recession, rush to safe havens, USD goes up.

During his presidency he tested positive for Covid. I was awake and ran to the computer to check on my trades.

Nothing happened. Nothing at all. In Japan however, when the prime minister up and quit, JPY went down.

Go figure.

Yep, it’s a strange one.

From what I can tell most people who live outside the US aren’t Trump fans but not sure what the sentiment is for those living in the US.

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that’s certainly my impression, too


not sure at all

very difficult indeed to judge, when you don’t live there

the media is filtered, even there - and in Europe even more so, i think, regarding US political and social issues

quite a few people i know in the US say they’ll vote for Trump, if they can, as a probable “lesser of two evils”

one could be forgiven for getting the impression that neither major US party ever fields its best or strongest candidate! it feels kind of hard, to me, to understand why they have to have a choice between Biden and Trump, but what do i know about it?! :crazy_face:

i hope Trump isn’t going to jail, anyway - i find it hard to see how that would really help anyone? but it’s easy to see some of the risks of that, and the anger it might provoke in some quarters??

edited to add: you can’t tell what the sentiment is for those living in the US from US opinion polls, either, partly because they’re all paid for by someone with an agenda, and partly because they’re also selectively reported and publicised according to other agendas!

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