Is FairExchangefx legit?

If anyone has used FairExchangefx with Henri Walker, any feedback would be really appreciated. He seems very honest and has a massive amount of helpful videos on YouTube but I can’t really find any reviews on his course as to whether it is trustworthy or not.

No clue on the course. But his videos are decent. He does spend a lot of time selling the dream, but at least he goes through and shows his trade setups, what he looks for to get into a trade and then the risk management piece to. With the details too.

I’ve only watched a couple. I can’t say that in the ones I watched he actually had live trades going. Or even showing the entry. Did you catch any other those, instead of just talking about the potential setups?

I mean a $100 bucks doesn’t seem to crazy for a month. If anything, you get the live trading sessions. That would be 4-5 sessions in a month. So $20-25 per session. Doesn’t seem outrageous. Trading on a Friday is a bit strange, but whatever.

It would be nice to have some reviews somewhere. I couldn’t find any either! What will you do?

Thank you for the response!! Really not sure what I am going to do. I have spoken to Henri and he is going to do a sale in the new year so I’m thinking of waiting till then to join but I have also been looking at FraserHillCapital. Although he only takes on a limited amount of people every few months.

His Youtube channel is gaining popularity.