Is Finpro any good?

Hi! I am looking for a broker for going live for some time now. After a lot of reading I decided to go with finpro, because i cannot find dirt about them (which cannot be said for most of the brokers), also im considering Oanda. Im not interesed in scalping or trading news. More like a swing trader opening at most 1 trade per day, working on the hourly chart.

So I opened the demo account with finpro to test the platform, but now I see everything MT4 is turnkey fx.

Isnt that a bit akward? Finpro is very well regulated. But I cannot find anything about regulations of Turnkey.

Maybe I should avoid using MT4 with Finpro? Any experiences?


Put Finpro into the search function and you will find what has been offered so far.

Been there done that. But I didnt found anything about the Finpro/Turnkey relation.

I searched the forum for Finpro before registering with them.

Why have you chosen this particular company? There are others far more recognised that many use.

Have you checked their regulation? I think they are based in London so i guess they are FCA regulated?

Because it seemed the less shady of them all. Do you have any other suggestion of another well regulated Forex broker with that if I google it, I will not find something fishy? Finpro actually is the one I found, BUT I dont understand why im using turnkey mt4 server. If someting goes wrong who is actually responsible in this case?

Whilst you have doubts it is best not to open a live account until you are sure. I am not familiar with this turnkey. I will have to look into it a bit more.

But there are other major brokers that are well regulated that many here use, such as Oanda and Gain Capital, but i do not want to recommend any particular company.

It is good to remember that all the largest companies will have both good and bad references: some genuine, some not!

If i can find anything more on turnkey then I’ll come back with it tomorrow

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