Is forex only for people with lots of money?

Complete newbie and I just want to know now before I continue learning. Would appreciate your honest answers!

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Not necessarily. It’s definitely advantageous to have more money but you can still get started with a small amount.

Hi swiftieatheart

Welcome to the forum. You certainly don’t need a shed ton of money to trade forex. What you do need is lots of education, and when I say a lot I mean a lot more than a lot! Financial trading is to the finance sector in a similar way brain surgery is to medical world. It’s not easy to learn or do, and when you’ve learnt the basics you will still have a lot more things to learn and it will take years to master.

You can start your journey by doing the School of Pipsology which will give you the basic skills and knowledge to start your learning journey.

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Not really. There are different types of forex trading accounts available. For those starting with limited capital, many brokers offer micro accounts that enable trading with smaller lot sizes.

No way! Forex is not just for the big wallets. You don’t need tons of money to get started. With the rise of online trading platforms, even small traders can participate. Just be smart with your risk management and start with an amount you’re comfortable with.


Depends what you’re really asking.

Can you make lots of money quickly with a small account? Theoretically yes, but you’ll 99.9% likely lose it all if you try.

Can you make money with a small account? Yes, but you’ll need to slowly grow the account and compound in order to make any significant gains. And realistically you’ll want to be regularly topping up your account once you’re profitable. It’s not a get rich quick scheme


no, not at all - in fact if anything, the exact opposite

“trading” spot forex against counterparty market-makers who are pretending to be “brokers” is an industry targeted primarily at the undercapitalized and the inexperienced (you need only look at the “brokers’” marketing to see this - this specific industry certainly isn’t generally promoted and marketed like any other form of trading is)

this recent thread may interest you:-

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With adoption of micro accounts, NO.

I started with a $300 account so def not! But it depends on what you consider “lots of money” I guess.

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I started with $30 in a live account. And then kept it to 1% risk per trade.

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i think your micro account will support of a lot instead of demo to acquire live trading experience .

Don’t let the misconception hold you back. Jump in, embrace the opportunities, and let your trading journey begin. Wish you luck bro


No, you don’t need a lot of money.
I started with 250 GBP. A friend of mine started with 160 GBP.
Most brokers offer dummy accounts to practice on. Use them!

On my live account, I started out “scalping”. That’s basically jumping on an upward or downward movement and closing the trade after a few minutes to take a small profit before the market turns (or putting on a Take Profit order to do it for me).

The most important things to remember are:

  1. Don’t use money that you cannot afford to lose.
  2. After seeing a string of small successes, don’t get greedy.
  3. Learn how to calculate risk and limit it.
  4. Beware that you might be charged a small amount of money if you keep a trade open overnight (Swap).

Don’t listen to what people say because gainers will always give you positive reviews and losers always demotivate you. So, keep learning and follow successful traders.

In Forex, money doesn’t matter but knowledge matters. You can start trading with a small capital and grow it bigger.

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Having a lot of money is just an advantage where the trader can take certain amounts of risk. But trading is not only for those who have a lot of money; it can also be done with a lower amount, such as $10.

Actually, no, you can start it with even $1! And trade in smaller sizes, so do not worry about that!
But, a really big but! It is a big advantage for you; you can start your live accounts sooner if you do not care about money, and you can make bigger profits if you have a bigger balance!
But at the end, try to make lots of money from Forex; that would be a hundred times better!
Best Luck/

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i think if you have a lots of money you dont need forex
people here try to build their future and make them better live
and dont think about other just try to be a better trader from your last day

Hi, a fellow swiftie here. Not really. There are lots of brokers out there that allow you to trade with a small account, especially through micro-accounts. These micro accounts are specifically useful if you want to start trading with limited capital. They offer smaller position sizes and lower margin requirements

Actually no, compared to the start of the previous decade, brokers drastically lowered minimum requirements, for example you can start with as low as 10 USD deposit with Hotforex, other brokers offer similar conditions. But of course, your profit targets will be small too, since using too much leverage may quickly end up in account blow-out.