Is forex only for people with lots of money?

i think if you have a lots of money you dont need forex
people here try to build their future and make them better live
and dont think about other just try to be a better trader from your last day

Hi, a fellow swiftie here. Not really. There are lots of brokers out there that allow you to trade with a small account, especially through micro-accounts. These micro accounts are specifically useful if you want to start trading with limited capital. They offer smaller position sizes and lower margin requirements

Actually no, compared to the start of the previous decade, brokers drastically lowered minimum requirements, for example you can start with as low as 10 USD deposit with Hotforex, other brokers offer similar conditions. But of course, your profit targets will be small too, since using too much leverage may quickly end up in account blow-out.

Start learning with Youtube channels because it will help you develop your basic for free.

If you are a newbie, you better start trading with small capital because initial investment gets blown up sometimes.

Forex is very helpful for those who are poor and don’t have sufficient money because they can build their capital through forex trading.

Not always. There are cent accounts for not investing much more money and forex is not for people with a lot of money. However, you may still get going with a small sum of money. It is undoubtedly preferable to have more money and give you better chance.

I also timed my live account with a sweet promo. Got $250 for depositing $250 and hitting some trading requirements. Nice!

Yes to make significant returns while keeping you risk low (and survival high). You think about it. Let’s say you are willing to risk 1% of a $1000 account or $10 stop loss with a take profit of double that say $20 per trade. That’s not much. And let’s say you can make 2% per month consistently over a year (and that’s good). If you are patient then compounding is the secret to building capital. Use this site to work out returns over time:


How small is a small amount?

I plan to do so after reading the responses. Thank you.

I would say it’s the opposite with people funding their forex accounts with $10 versus the stock market where you need to have a minimum $25,000 balance to be a pattern day trader. The forex industry is almost preying on poor people at this point.

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Forex is a place where you can build a capital but it’s not as easy as it is thought. Mental strength, good trading strategy are needed for making large profit.

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As you are a complete newbie, you should start trading with small trading capital and investing big capital will not be a wise decision for you.

Im also a beginner like you. As many people said here, I started with a micro account and managed to get into some trades, even profited in some cases :slight_smile: As far as I can see, one has to have a strategy and good self control to be succesful.

not really, forex is for everyone of legal age with means to deposit and withdrawa, and ofcourse the broker should be with legal jurisdictions. I started trading with hfm a decade ago with as little as 50usd, and yes i blew it. what did i know back them LOL

I wish I had started small and worked up. I actually started big and worked downwards.

I am now small but getting bigger.

Hey ho.


short answer, Yes it but no. The more money you have the better but if you are good you can grow a small account.

Have you already been trading demo and are consistently profitable? Or at least not losing money?

If you’re not there yet, keep demo trading before worrying about a real money account.

I know some traders will say to open your real money account as soon as possible. I think you should take your time, find a system, trade it a ton, hopefully become profitable, and then switch to a real money account and see if you can do the same.

I’m not sure how “a lot” means to you in terms of amount. But, I would say based on my experience is anything below 10k USD is a bit unrealistic to trade for a living. Because if you’re a good trader, on a normal month, realistically speaking you would gain around 1-2% and on a good month somewhere around 3-5%. If you see someone did like 20% a month in social media or something, that’s not realistic. To make 20% in a month, I am pretty sure that they are most likely over leveraging or pure gambling. It’s either they did it this time or sudden death.

So use these 1-5% to gauge how much money you need in a month. Do a reverse calculation on it and you will know roughly how much capital you need. 10k USD might a lot or less depending on which country you live also. But to put it simply, I would say at least 10k USD.