Is forex trading really worth it?

I have been trading forex for a while now but I have not had any success. Is forex trading really worth it?

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After 6 years I would say NO

Why ask others? Why not be an example?

I think you have your answer, and are looking for validation.

Is that right or wrong?

Roger Bannister is a great example. Before him, no one thought it was possible to run 1 mile in less than 4 minutes. It was impossible.

After he did it, others started breaking the 4-minute barrier because they saw it was possible.

Imagine being the guy who heard about Roger Bannister breaking the impossible 4-minute barrier.

Now imagine being Roger Bannister trying to break the impossible 4-minute barrier.

It only takes one person to show it can be done.

You can either look for that one example, or be the one example.

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Many traders fail through lack of persevance. Losses are normal and to be expected throughout. Just do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Forget about making money, instead focus on not losing it. Don’t overtrade, revenge trade or gamble. Keep risk low. Without capital you cannot trade.

How long you been trading

I think it is reliable and really worthy for those who have enough knowledge and skills.

I think that it is normal to feel a bit discouraged, especially if you are new, just like I am. However I have come to the conclusion that everything needs time and patience, and this also applies to trading. Give it time, and while you are still a beginner it is better to focus on acquiring knowledge and insight from news, articles and fellow traders’ posts. In time you can then get successes if you are careful and persistent too.

Yes. It’s really worthy.

It is a good market and worth considering.

If you are prepared to commit to due diligence to identify who are successful traders that can offer a long term validated track record and then commit to learning the practices that these successful traders adopt, then it is possibly worth it. If however you think that you can excel in this game without experience in the face of overwhelming competition, then it is probably not worth it.

Of course you could always be just lucky …for a while :slight_smile:

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everyone loses money at some point, maybe not really worth it

Almost a year now

Nope. Honestly I think you’re better off trading stocks.

Everybody has a different experience with trading. It depends on how much knowledge you have, how much you can invest, and when. So trading is worth a try, but ensure that you do it through a broker and with sufficient information.

forex is not for everybody, just remember that. If you don’t think you should be here, better invest and go with slow returns.

I think that if you would succeed from the start and for a long period of time - that should be considered abnormal.

Losses are normal, because you can learn on your mistakes.

So yes, it is really worth it, if you are willing to take it seriously. Hell, even betting onsports requires some kind of knowledge (about the team, sportsman, etc.) if you want to win. And forex is waay more complicated than simple betting.

I’m personally convinced that this activity really worths it because it opens a great opportunity to develop yourself as a personality. One can tell that trading doesn’t worth all of these nerves, sufferings and money losses, but I’m sure that early or late it will bring you a result. Lots of beginners are disappointed by trading mainly because they expect that they will acquire money after the first sucessful deal and don’t want to hear that it’s not true. Hence they decide to give it up because their expectations didn’t turn in life. I wish all people who want to start trading firstly properly understand the matter of trading.

You’re right. Trading activity is such a thing where you need lots of patience, knowledge and skills. Of course, practicing is the best though. I guess that permanent learning and practicing will bring lots of results and only then trader start to understand that his/her efforts weren’t vain. Everything depends on your motivation in case we speak about the initial stages. I mean, motivation has to prevail in other things. If a trader is motivated in the very beginning of his trading path then it will be easy for him/her to reach the success and he/she will never think of “is forex trading really worth it?”.

it all depends on your interests and your understanding in this or that occupation