Is a scam?

Hi, Have anyone heard of this site fxcash-growth. com and do you know if it is a scam or not? I’m worried I might have been scammed. Can IRS block my deposit??

have you checked its review in online ? so many review sites right now in online , before using it practically we need to ensure its performance by review.

review site is really helpful right now , from all FPA is more appropriate.

its really annoying when someone not answer after having a question.

Hi, I’ve tried finding a review about it but haven’t. Sorry for late response.

@TomCooper @Hadden

when I googled the site nothing came up…this could be a phishing site I would be cautious…

@saradchristensen Why would you sign up to a website which has a “-” in the website and looks like a spelling mistake ?

I seriously doubt they have Carlos Slim and Grant Cardone as support both successful billionaires in their own right. Looks cheeky as hell to me.

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Yeah, it’s definitely a scam…

Have anyone heard of this “scam recovery” company? www.ellisburlington. com

I sent them an email and they called me back and offered to retrieve the money for me but I have to pay 10% up front and then 10% after, of the full amount of money I’ve paid.

I haven’t paid them anything. Do you think this is another scam?

Reviews on Google are paid as well. If Fxcash-groeth would have paid to FPA, It would be a great broker no matter what. Better is to ask for reviews from actual traders.


Please do not invest your money in fxcash-growth I have lost 4000£ coz of this scum company. Any time I make a payment that fxcash-growth asked to pay another amount its never ending. Please keep your eyes open they still money