Is Greece's four-month extension, the start of recover?

Is Greece’s four-month extension, the start of recover?

In my opinion its just delaying the inevitable - the debt is to big

buying more time to make things seem easier. i predict they might have to give up the euro but sources project the opposite.

Just buying time to prepare the exit from the Eurozone.

Thanks for your unanimous view upon the case. At first I hoped a milestone has reached in the right direction. However having a closer look and indeed with logical thinking its just a method to buy time for the EU. Read a few days back this interesting article, which shares the same view A state of uncertainty post Greece’s four-month extension | AtoZ

This is true. There were no real reforms promised and traders know it. The lack of a significant EUR rally says it all :slight_smile:

One thought on that topic : I think a grexit would be a far serious matter that we are told of.

Until now, everybody is convinced that once a country is in the eurozone, there is no way out. The first debt crisis was a test of that theory, but Draghi said what he had to say, everybody understood it was pointless to speculate on that topic, and the speculation stopped. Nobody was kicked out, nobody really defaulted. Officially.

Should a country, whatever which one, whatever the reasons, have to leave the eurozone, that means it just is possible. If one country has to leave, every other country may have to do it too, under proper circumstances.

There is no way someone can say it is just about Greece. It is about the whole eurozone. If Greece is kicked out, it is merely opening the route and someday another country will have to follow. Then another one. And another one…

You are right, of course, Stefcio: Ireland, Italy, Spain, and possibly other countries would like the opportunities to negotiate
debt cancellation (by exiting the economic interdependency to the Euro).

However, when bank liquidity drains from the Greek system, for example, how will commercial and retail lenders give business?

I believe that Tsipras was holding a conference with bond-holders last week: I wonder what he had to say to keep them from
selling off their investments in Greek capital?

This gives a flavour of how multi-angled, long-term, and explosive the ‘Grexit’ issue has become within a global picture,
where ‘Europe’ is, in reality, much more than the sum of its member states, but also a haven for global investment and
a trade hub.

Anything is possible…

Well if Greece is not going to do what it has to do, then the extension will be useless.