Is HFM a reliable broker?

Is HFM a reliable broker? Is it regulated? Anybody have issue with it?

Yea, it’s a good one. Been using them along with aaafx as my current broker, both are well regulated and so far, I haven’t faced any issues with them. Worth trying out.

I’m not using this broker but from their website: HFM broker formerly known as HotForex broker is registered in St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

I googled why they changed name, here’s what I found:

you mean hotforex? I’m not sure about the stealing issue. :grimacing:

My comments about hotforex will be deleted until further investigation is done.

hfm or hotforex is straight forward broker, been using them along side lmfx, they okay, reliable. you can get you top 5 brokers that appeal to you do a simple comparison that you find more suited to your style of trading.