Is Hugosway a trusted and regulated forex broker?

not heard of them


They are relatively new but trading conditions are quite good

24/7 support?
24/7 crypto?


No it is not regulated. There has been more than a few times that it has frozen when trying to enter during news, passed stop loss, it freezes often… just for starters.

eaglefx and cryptorocket is a better version of hugosway

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I have heard a lot of positives about EagleFX recently


I been trying to get in contact with this trader on FPA because he is saying eaglefx refuse to process his 5k withdrawal . the name is john see below

So basically it’s UK based and not refulated and have very low leverage and just for starters. I want to ask you how it really could be possible to make something like that anyway ? Can we please make it really possible with everything. I do want to make it realy. I am not sure if it’s even allowed to work in UK assuming all that.

Very interesting…also why are the 2 negative reviews from people you cant click on their profile?

Who is that?

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because they are not register they are posting as guess, if a broker won’t pay my 5k withdrawal i be starting a scam thread

If a broker didn’t pay my withdrawal I would be posting everywhere!

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of course we would doesn’t makes sense to claim a broker won’t let you withdraw and you don’t post everywhere you can

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I have been with Hugosway for almost an year and have recently started to experience excessive slippage issues with them. Have also heard they are getting sued by the CFTC in US like their parent company JAFX was, and that there is some fraud investigation going on them. Is it true? Has anyone heard anything about this?

Yes, it is true. I know someone who works at Hugosway. She told me, they were served a notice last week and some FBI officials have been visiting their office since then. Their owners have stopped coming to office and they have also started letting their staff go. I am just waiting for my withdrawal to go through.

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there is no evidence hugosway is being sued

Where is your proof then, I have not heard this about Hugo’s Way.

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This was an obvious lie then! Interesting that it is your only post on the forum!