Is IC Markets a good enough broker?

Recently finished the school of pipsology and on one of my many searches, IC Markets came up. Could anyone tell me their experience with them?

ok, I am trading with this broker. You can see a little review here In search of the Best Broker to start Forex trade

Nice… Thank you.

Thank you so much.

You can find a review here

@Tammy-nuel I had horrible experience with them and I’m a local. If you are outside Australia, you will fall under their Seychelles or Cyprus regulation which is not any better than ASIC ! They usually hunt you down when you deposit more than 5 to 10K. Play lots of tactics to take your money. They have large number of paid keyboard worriers to write good reviews and these comparison sites are normally doctored by SEO . if you want genuine information from traders who have real experiences with them try reading forums here and on FPA . I regret not reading all these info before investing. I don’t recommend any specific broker and lost my faith in them but read all forums do your home work before investing . I would recommend to stay away from this broker . I will publish some solid evidences on here at the right time if babypips allow that.

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Wow. Thank you.
I did see that non locals would be using the Seychelles server. That’s partly why I asked.

What about pepperstone?
It was actually my first choice…

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@Tammy-nuel . No worries. The problem with Australian brokers is the regulator. ASIC does not intervene in client’s disputes if things go south and regulations are not strict for financial firms as you might think in Australia. traders are attracted to high leverage provided by Australian brokers but technically there is no monitoring and audits here. As long as they pay their annual license fee, there is nothing to worry about for an Aussie broker . ASIC goes after big cases . They even send templates with same content when you report a misconduct! If I had the chance again or could turn back the time, I would trade with big boys like IB or even your local bank could be a safer bet. Stay away from Seychelles ,Cyprus and other eastern European brokers at all cost. Personally I do not have any experience with pepperstone but if you google peperstone scams, you will see lots of complaints about this broker. Do your research about brokers before investing that’s what I regret not doing and costed me thousands of dollars !


Wow. Sorry about your losses… Really.
Thank you for the advice.
I’m glad I asked first before diving into shark filled waters. Lol.
I will do my research. Thanks again.

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@Tammy-nuel You are welcome. be careful when you invest your hard earned money. Wish you luck in your research.