Is IG markets a recommended broker

Is IG markets markets a recommended broker.

IG is regulated by CFTC (in the US) and FCA (in the UK), two of the strictest regulatory agencies in the world, so it wouldn’t be a bad choice.

I use IG everyday , never a issue

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Not bad, but not flexible enough for me…

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What do you mean “not flexible enough”?

Which aspects?

IG has a great platform, but I dislike the trading history.

On Ally, they show you the time you entered and exited the trade. Which is incredibly helpful when reviewing your trades. However, the charts and layout of Ally’s platform is terrible compared to IG.

IG broker is a trusted and regulated,and has good customer suppoort. Never have a problem.

If you’re trading with Ally, you’re basically trading with since they handle their trades. You can see this disclosed in their Customer Agreement.

Nothing wrong with this as long as you’re getting the same pricing and spreads as if you were trading directly with

They are also a big broker, with FCA license. I have known them for a long time but I do not trade here because it is not convenient for my country

Hope this helps