Is IG really that bad?


I’m trying to chose broker for non US resident, i have a demo account with IG and i have to say i really love the platform especially placing order is very intuitive that you can visually drag the stop/limit on chart when placing an order while it shows you risk/reward ration.
However, i google it (as well check what people says in this forum as well) to find more about IG and found out people commenting on IG with a lot of negative reviews such as unable to close order, unable to withdraw, they manipulate and stop hunt trader, etc… I understand any broker will get complains but is it really true and that bad that you need to stay away from it (consider its one of largest regulated trading broker in the world and get accused that they are scam)?

PS. Well, customer support does not seems too responsive that is for sure, wrote a mail and did not get any response in 2 days, usually i get response from other broker within 48 hours for sure.

From what I’ve seen in the past from online reviews dont sign up if you’re going to close a week later. If you’re not sure dont sign up in the first place. Also dont deposit from a credit card and then try to withdraw ti another account because of money laundering regulations they’re going to ask you a lot of questions and ask for verification then you’ll complain you cant get your money. So think carefully before your deposit money.

I’ve used IG for over 5 years now. I’ve never had a problem with withdrawal because it’s always the same account, I’ve withdrawn up to 10k at one time and went through no problem. Their platform does sometimes glitch and has to be refreshed. If markets are too volatile you cant open a trade sometimes. You get slippage. If you’re worried about stop hunts just compare their charts to another 2 brokers and see what the difference is.

Despite all of that, I still use them because they’re fca regulated, a big company, clean platform and I’ve been down to the offices in london. Anyway I still look up different brokers just incase I see someone better. Please do your research fully before signing up. And dont deposit if you’re going to withdraw to another account.

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I have used IG for years never a issue , the problem with broker reviews is the failed trader always blame the broker for their own failure with silly statements like " They moved the market to take my stop out" I find the platform a easy way to chart the markets and has all the tools I need. No issue withdrawing money or getting filled.