Is it a Bug or is it real?

Hello ,

I have open 1 year ago this account on a Broker , and in 1 year trading I lost a total of 2k , I take a break and now coming back I see in my account has the 2k back on my balance … A Balance 2k positive , but not in the Platform wich is still zero , only on the website? Its the broker giving back my lost money ? Its a Bug ? I actually have ask a withdrawal of 1k to see if I get it …

Why not 2k instead?
Which broker?

It looks it was a Bug , it is back to zero , but the withdraw is still processing.

Will be hillarious if u got the withdrawal

sounds like a new broker :laughing:
The real question is if you get the 1K withdrawn will you deposit it on the same broker to trade ?

Its actually a very known Broker , and in the bussiness for more then 10 years ! Very reputable Broker … I did not get the 1k.

What’s the name?

I hope you get to withdraw the money in your account. :smiley: Have you tried contacting them about this? :thinking: That might speed things up. :slight_smile:

Seems like a bug, but I hope you get your money.

Maybe this is a scheme by your broker enticing you to play with a bigger sum. No I am just kidding. It would be quite something if you do get your money back.