Is it me or is the markets just putting everyone to sleep!?

The volatility is gosh, dead or what.

Maybe its the time of the month, or olympics, or combination of both?!

Sweet dreams people.

Market condition is not so horrible at present. There are number of traders trading in such situation as well.

I’m nowhere NEAR asleep, and doing just fine.

I like this sort of market. Slow and steady.

Good to know there are peeps out there still rocking the market.

I was in the eur aud trade and it took 2 hrs for it to move 11 pips, zzzzzzz.

Yup Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. USD volatility has been real low this week. Quote below from DailyFX

After the beginning of the U.S. session on Monday the US dollar entered into a loll with the CVIX, a proxy for volatility in the currency market, fell below 9.0 to approach near the July four year low. So far this trading week risk appetite remains relatively high, and the US Dollar continues to be relatively unresponsive to major event risk as volatility remains subdued.

Graphic Rewind: USD in a Loll as Volatility Approaches Four Year Low | DailyFX

Well, I’m trading just fine!

This market condition is great for scalpers!!

Yeah, real slow for harmonic traders. :frowning:

The market is usually very boring in early August.