Is it me or something is wrong with the market these days?

I don’t know how to put it, but I just seem to be having a really difficult time earning from the market this past week? Is it me or is it because there is not enough liquidity in the market?

I just started with a forex demo account about a month ago and can’t seem to stay on the positive winning side. I always lose what I gain. I am getting frustrated with this.

I was already up earlier 1% then lost it again and now down to -5%. :frowning:

not the market. Yes i believe there is not enough liquidity in the market right now because of the holidays, but I kept on insisting trading only EUR/USD when the USD/JPY is the better pair.

Ok this answers my questions. I just entered a long on USD/JPY :slight_smile:

Lack of liquidity tends to exacerbate moves, when they come at all. A lot of the big players are out of the markets right now, though, so the things which drive prices aren’t as much in place this week.

Where did they go?

Joke :stuck_out_tongue:

Honolulu, Aspen, Grand Cayman, St. Moritz, …

For some reason, Big Ugly, West Virginia failed to make the list — again.

Thanks for the laugh! d.