Is it me trying to find a perfect strategy or should I act upon at least demo trading ASAP?

Until you start trading, you can’t know whether the trainings were useful or not. Start trading and put all you have learnt into use

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If that works for you, why not? I confess copy trading was never for me, so I avoid it, but every trader is different. I wish you success! :+1:

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@tommor and @21firestar

I’m as far as “Buy into an uptrend on recovery from a pull-back.” (though could also sell in a downtrend - last good trade was short EUR/JPY). I’ve been manually trailing the stop as the trade progresses. I set a TP on entry, but may adjust it later if I think it’s out-of-reach, or extend it if I think the trend could go farther.

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Your welcome good luck on your journey

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You have or MUST to be PATIENCE, learn to the bones… and filter the toxic every head is a world and everyone can see charts in diferent thicomprehesive look… Be disciplinated!! Is so a huge world of data that scamers are sharkscwaiting for the impatient people…
It can be a very good bussiness depends if you have that all mention… Is a maraton no … Not a 100m race!

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Great thread about this actually. Have a look.


Nice and simple!


@this_is_ando ok I will. I don’t know which one is better for trading in market milk, real time or last closed price stream that I can rely on :thinking:

@dudebro thank you for sharing this. I never thought someone would actually make use of this for 3 years and be profitable. I was just thinking of giving it a try and see whether I can pick pairs by it. That’s good, al least I have an idea where to start

@GrayWolfe7 Hi good morning to you
I am starting to focus more now on bigger time frames to get an idea where the pair might head then I have to confess I go check even 1 min timeframe :rofl: I am in the mood of ok help me know the result of what’s going on at most until the day is over :woman_facepalming:t2: :rofl:

@tommor this sounds quite efficient. what is your drawdown percentage using

a wide trailing SL

I think I am a day trader and can’t go to sleep with an open position. So if this works for you I think I can give it a try on shorter time frame for day trading

@GrayWolfe7 would you like to share your drawdown percentage using this method?

@Adolfson I think I am practicing patience for longest 1 day for each trade. but about discipline, much work needs to be done in here :smile:

Try it on demo for a thorough trial period.

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@mlawson71 since I am new to this business, I decided to first give it a try and see how those who claim to be professionals help me make a positive statement. Up until now it hasn’t worked for me either. Yes there might be times when the signal goes to the moon but on that time it’s either me closing the position too soon because the signal provider is not giving an idea where to take profit or it’s just that the signal provider is not working well overall. So I decided to pick it until I see the error of this way and now that I’m seeing it I think I have to quit that signal channel sooner or later :v:t2: :smile:

@mrpally I always thought I need to be a master to start trading :smile: but talking to you guys I think the only best way to master it is to actually trading :woman_facepalming:t2: :sweat_smile:

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a thorough trial period.

how long is that and how many trades does it take? should I use it on different pairs or only 1 or 2?

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I only trade off D1 charts so its not difficult to review all 28 pairs at the end of each day.

However, I try to avoid multiple positions in the same currencies or correlating currencies. So if I’m bullish on AUD, I don’t want to open 7 long AUD positions: and I certainly don’t want to open multiple long NZD positions at the same time as NZD is almost a sub-set of AUD.

As for how many trades and for how long - the answer is enough. That is, enough to draw the conclusions you need. When you’re doing research, always write your conclusions first, then set up your trial to work towards them.


OK thanks :cherry_blossom: