Is it normal not to make profits neither losses for beyond 2 days

Its been 2 days since I last made a profit! If i make one it’s just 6.1 to 8 pips! Though some times the market can move 30 pips a day but I end up making only 6! I was wondering if this is normal or it’s me with a problem? If so, how do day traders Trading the 4hr time frame make it?

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There is a rule: if a trader loses money for two days in a row, you need to take a break and rest. And when you take a break, analyze your trades for errors.

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i believe that is quite normal and may happen sometimes. but during this time one needs to check his strategies and planning to ensure everything is going fine. A break for a day or two might be helpful as well.


You should only check your P&L when you would take up the option to do something to change what you’re doing. And even then, what you change would depend on what was going wrong, not on what the level of profit or loss was, and definitely not whether you are in profit or in loss.

So, would you really change your strategy every two days?

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I suggest you keep a journal.

Also, just because things aren’t going your way, it doesn’t mean you’re not progressing. If you are not learning from your mistakes, then you are not learning—you’re actually just going in circles.

Keep trading!!!

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I think it is normal. Trading is very dynamic and depends on many factors. And if the coin goes up and stays up, then it is very normal for this to happen.

It is perfectly normal for a trader to not make money for two days straight. I don’t understand this mindset of feeling bad when one doesnt make money from the market everyday. Some days you win, somedays you lose and somedays you make nothing.

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Personally have had more days like this and it is a signal to step back and reaccess

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How many trades do you typically take per day?

you must understand that two days is too short a period for analyzing your work, you need to take a much longer period