Is it okay to trade forex on public holidays?

Is it advisable to trade forex when a public holiday is observed in one or more countries?

Maybe depends on what you’re trading. And what countries have the holiday. I’d skip trading for the day if the US was on holiday and I’m trading the majors. Plenty of non holiday trading days. Why make it more complicated.

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Unless you want the day off😁. Seriously it depends on currency pairs and which holidays.

You can trade on holidays based on the movement of currencies and don’t trade when the market doesn’t offer you any opportunity for trading.

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You can trade on public holidays if the market isn’t volatile on those days.

I think trading during public holidays can lead to reduced liquidity in the market because participation from traders and financial institutions may be lower. And finally wider spreads , increased slippage and so on. It is not advisable, in my opinion.

You are flexible at forex trading so if you have other professions besides forex trading, you can trade Forex on holidays.

Forex market is a 24 hour pen opportunity so it’s up to traders when they are comfortable trading. Those who have job or other businesses can trade on holidays.