Is it okay to use automated trading software if you are beginner

So i am a complete beginner in trading. I know the basics of trading, and recently i found some trading software called PineConnector. One of my close friends recommended this software to me, so I am hoping that anyone here can advise me on whether or not to use it.

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If it’s not expensive, you could try it out on a demo account bearing in mind that most software has a definitive life span.
IMO only trend trading has a long term profitability success - that is, if you learn and know how to trend trade.


If i were u, i would not do that, at least not with my real money. if you have a mentor who you trust and he tells you to use the automatic trader, that is fine, but if you have no idea what you are using, do not do that.

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It comes with a mid-range price and the PineConnector software offers many types of analytics and tools. So thank you for sharing your perspective about trading software.