Is it possible? I just want copy and paste

Guys i have some problem creating a strategy provider, and i would know if i can copy a trader and then create a strategy provider to start provide strategy by my copy from the trader…

Theres a way to do that thing?

Copy trades from a trader and then provide same strategy?

If you know another platform / site i would do that I will be very grateful for helping!

there are various ways, you can use the signal providers, you can have the EA’s do the trading or use the PAMM/MAM services.

Hello, yes signal providers come in all shapes and sizes. Basically, a trader or group of traders share their trading recommendations (signals) and the subscriber can place the trades on their own accounts. There is a lot more to it.

He wants to copy from a provider and then pass off his trades as his own so that he can earn from others who subscribe to him.

No, that cannot be done.

Not the first person to have thought of this.

Well, you need to build up your follower base and then you can take subscription fee for your services. That will be a long and time consuming process. There are strategy providers. I can introduce you to one. Mine also do automated accounts that gives 20% roi on your investment. You need to do nothing just to watch your money grow. Why would you bother with providing alerts that are not yours?

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Here are some results from last week.

Yeah there are trade copier services but that is dangerous territory as there are so many scammers.