Is it possible with EA?

I’m new to Metaeditor and EA creating I just downloaded some tutorial :). Is it possible to create an EA or automated trading robot that for example draws several EMA s on chart and let’s say if price goes below 24 EMA than it opens position with certain volume and close it when it reaches the 20 pips gain? (It’s just an example not what I want to code).

I have litle bit of coding experience but anyone can tell me a good tutorial for metaeditor?

Thanx experts

It is possible to do what you have described. But a simple MA crossover is unlikely to make money.

The best tutorials that I know of are at There are others, but mostly low quality stuff.

It was just an example it’s just only the part of the Cornflower system that I want to put on automated trading.

Best of luck.


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