Is it really that easy to make money?

Is it really that easy to make money?

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No. It’s not.

It really isn’t. Notice that many brokers are now required to tell you how many of their own traders are profitable. That number historically speaking is very low. In the past it was thought that only 5 in 100 traders were profitable, but the real world stats being offered by brokers, anecdotally, point to a bit more success. I’ve seen brokers with profitable traders in the low 20% range, but for brand new traders, that number is in the single digits to low double digits.

The YouTube millionaires are a few out of millions of traders. Most traders in my experience take years to become profitable. The majority I have met aren’t solely reliant on trading profits for income.

So start your learning journey now. It really is a journey, with ups and many downs along the way.

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FX is a speculative venture. If you gamble and get lucky, you’ll make money one day and lose it the next. The big issue is that because it’s simple to press buttons, there are many broker apps on social media showing young handsome people smiling at their money gains.

That’s far from reality, as FX trading is never, ever, easy. Quite the opposite in fact. If you want to become successful, educate yourself first by pressing the green button above to begin months of hard work.

best of luck.

The short and correct answer is: No.

The long-ish answer that requires reading is this lesson from this website:

No, it’s not easy to make money in the market. You have to work hard to be able to reach your financial goals without any hassle.

It surely is not. Trading may seem easy but it requires a lot of strategies and discipline. It is as difficult as earning money here and it is in any other profession.

not easy. making money in forex akes a deal of patience, with good strategy

No, it’s not easy. Forex trading is very difficult and it takes a lot of hard work and patience to make money from now on. I made a lot of losses when I joined the new trading but never broke down. I went on to learn from the loss and covered some of that loss at the end of the day. So it is possible to make a profit if you have to keep the goal right and move forward.

why do you want something to be “easy”

It’s not easy at all. You need a lot of patience, dedication, work hard in order to become a successful trader. It is not a short journey, it is a long journey and the more you practice the more will be the chance of getting success.

Its not complicated to make money from trading but it demands a profitable strategy. These can be found on the internet and practised through a demo account with no cost or risk. This takes time. Trading with real money then needs to be carried out with small risk per trade and very tight discipline, so early returns are small and slow.

By this point, most new traders have already wiped themselves out trading off 5-minute charts.

The high percentage of failure does not mean that trading is difficult.

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