Is it really that easy to make money?

No, it’s not easy to make money in the market. You have to work hard to be able to reach your financial goals without any hassle.

It surely is not. Trading may seem easy but it requires a lot of strategies and discipline. It is as difficult as earning money here and it is in any other profession.

not easy. making money in forex akes a deal of patience, with good strategy

No, it’s not easy. Forex trading is very difficult and it takes a lot of hard work and patience to make money from now on. I made a lot of losses when I joined the new trading but never broke down. I went on to learn from the loss and covered some of that loss at the end of the day. So it is possible to make a profit if you have to keep the goal right and move forward.

why do you want something to be “easy”

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It’s not easy at all. You need a lot of patience, dedication, work hard in order to become a successful trader. It is not a short journey, it is a long journey and the more you practice the more will be the chance of getting success.

Its not complicated to make money from trading but it demands a profitable strategy. These can be found on the internet and practised through a demo account with no cost or risk. This takes time. Trading with real money then needs to be carried out with small risk per trade and very tight discipline, so early returns are small and slow.

By this point, most new traders have already wiped themselves out trading off 5-minute charts.

The high percentage of failure does not mean that trading is difficult.

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I agree with you and I have gathered a lot of information from the post.

No, it’s not. It is as difficult as any other business that you would have taken up. In fact even more, what with the unpredictable and highly volatile nature of the market.

It’s all about hustling! If you’re willing to put in the required amount of work to make money, then there should be no stopping you from doing so! With a little bit of luck, hard (plus smart) work should pay off in the future (near future if your luck is amazing).

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It’s never easy to make money.

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If you can follow the right teacher and catch the trend, I think it is easier to make money. The important thing is to see how you choose

Maybe the question should be, “Why is it so hard to make money?”.

Consider this. Suppose you have a strategy which is not highly effective -

  • it only scores a 55% win rate
  • you take profits early, you only use a r:r of 1:1.5
  • you are conservative with your capital, so you only risk 1% of your account capital per trade.

At this rate you will double your account in about 120 trades.

Why am I not doing this?


It comes slow, and leaves quickly. Money is both terrible and wonderful. Discipline drives a wedge between the two.

If it would be easy then we have no poverty at all. It’s not as simple as many people think. I guess that the main thing is that we shouldn’t consider money as something sacred and unattainable. Money is just a tool for reaching the freedom of actions.
Speaking about trading, I can note that it’s not easy to make it here, you have to be prepared for losses mentally, because they are the part of your learning in trading, not even learning, the part of trading at all, because even professionals lose their money. Market is a strange thing and only with a help of thorough analysis you can reduce the risks of going negative, but not get rid of them.

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Is this a serious question? :smile: No, it`s not so easy at all.

It is not easy my friend. In forex trading we win and lose. Before you can be profitable in forex trading, you will be losing money first. Losing money is part of being a profitable trading forex trading. This is what we called tuition fee :sweat_smile:

That’s right it’s really not easy to make money especially in such activity as trading. You have to work hard a lot in order to get such goals, you know. It’s very difficult, however everything is in your hands here. Of course sometimes there will be failures, there is no trading without failures actually, but you always have to be self-motivated and confident in your actions. Every time you have you should spend only on trading, on learning and practicing. That is the way which can help you to reach your goals, you know. Nothing is impossible and it should the postulate of every trader I believe.

If it is about trading, then let me tell you that it is not easy to make money. You require spending a lot of time on learning and preparing yourself for live trading so that you can make money. There will be failures and you will have to lose several times before you can make profits. Moreover, you will have to risk your own money to make money with it. Just keep in mind that nothing comes easy in trading.

People believe forex trading is easy as long as they don’t actually venture into it. These are the very people who end up losing more than they actually earn. Once they start trading with real money, they realise how difficult it is if not approached with right strategies and proper planning.