Is it still worth it to learn crypto?

Is it still worth it to learn crypto? If I were to learn another form of investment, what should I learn? Thanks.

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It depends on your trading style, what attracts you and whether you have developed a profitable method and process which you can follow for every trade.

My trending strategy focuses on trading the higher TF’s on the same 12 currency pairs, avoiding the GBP.

I think you should get a book about different financial instruments. Choose something that seems interesting to you. If it interests you, you’re more likely to continue learning about it.

It’s possible to profit with so many instruments. You could trade ETFs, stocks, commodities, bonds, futures, etc. You can trade options on so many instruments, and there are derivatives on pretty much everything. The list is endless. Find something interesting, learn a bit, and demo.

Yup, even if you don’t invest in crypto you should know what it is. So that if wind start to blow the other way you should have no problem changing direction and in general learning is always worth it.

You’re welcome to take my advice any time. I don’t use it, anyway.

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The short answer: yes.

It is entirely dependent on your experiences and preferences as to what you choose as a money-making instrument. However, the cryptocurrency is still in its early stages of development. It will grow in size over time.

I would say it’s worth it, yes. Everyone should know about it to some extent, although the extent of the knowledge you need does depend on several other factors that have been mentioned here.

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