Is it Time to buy Shares - in Woke Companies?

Link is green writing

"🚨 Elon Musk BUYS Twitter From Anti Free Speech Leftists - YouTube

You may remember the panic which some Gamers caused the Establishment by defending companes they wanted to short ! ?

Well I’m sure many of us are disgusted at the “Compliance” being shown by many Corporations to “Woke” Bullies - by way of their pandering to BLM and other Self-confessed Marxist Organisations

So Is it time for us little people to take up the challenge ?

What I suggest is that we take a long hard think about following Elon Musk - in our own way.

Perhaps we should all buy a few shares in one ot more of the smaller “Woke” Companies and totally annihilate the current Boards of Directors at the AGM ?

Well Publicised strategic action such as this could just encourage the rest of these Companies to rethink their pandering attitudes to things like Support for BLM and “Affirmative Hiring” ?

I’m thinking that even the mere rumour that we were considering such action against a particular Company - could produce a major boost in their share prices - and profits thereby providing a “WIn - Win” situation :slightly_smiling_face:

what are woke companies?

If you aren’t able to distinguish, then I have to assume you will not be participating. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome move by Elon Musk !!
Could be a viable way to root out the wokester grifter class !!