Is it too much information?

please comment on my chart. because someone told me that my chart is bunch of crap. >_<

[QUOTE=“FastStare;531887”]please comment on my chart. because someone told me that my chart is bunch of crap. >_<[/QUOTE]

Are you consistently profitable?

you can have 20 more, if it works, roll with it,

It is kind of packed up, but if you can understand and work with it, then there is no problem with it at all. If it yields good results, please keep up with it.

Along with everyone else, it it’s working run with it. I use 6 different templates similar to yours to help me measure: trend, momentum, cycle, enter, exit, tp and sl and verify what I’m thinking on 3 time frames. As you get more experienced, you’ll probably drop some of them or add more. But you can never have enough relevant information in your decision process. And you’re the one who has to decide what’s relevant or too much.

yes! I earn 19% gain from 1-3 days with 100 EURO account. I scalp with 1 MIN TF. with 5-15 MIN TF bias. lot to trade with 0.01. but plan to reduced my leverage more. as of now, I trade with 10:1 leverage. future goal leverage 2-4:1 I guess. I’m not like risk.
from other forum harass me because I posted my trade log with their thread with set up chart. but I didn’t received good feedback from him because He wants me to drop my indicators and just settle with their own indicator. I felt bad because he is my reference mentor to analyze the volume concepts but He keep on harassing me. >_<

you’re nerd senior. :cool: just kidding.
anyway, thanks for comment. I’m glad that someone clarify my issue right now. :slight_smile: