Is it worth to invest in verge, what is the verge price prediction?

Well!! Crypto market has numerous cryptos, as I have found verge coin is very interesting as the price of verge coin is increasing.

On the other hand, According to coinpedia org verge price prediction the price will reach high in the upcoming years.

More importantly, I want to invest in verge coin, can anyone suggest what’s verge coin price prediction?

I am assuming you want to go long on Verge and hold it for a while (anywhere between 1 year and 3 years).

I am saying this, because on the short term (day trading) any crypto paired against bitcoin will present good trading opportunities, AS LONG as you are an experienced crypto trader, know your technical analysis very well, have tons of experience with that particular pair, are very well informed about the latest developments on the crypto market and REALLY know what you are doing. Otherwise, the most likely outcome is to lose a ton of money.

Back to the long term: I don t know much about Verge, but two sites you can use for VERY RAW future price predictions on any token are:

  • WalletInvestor (PESSIMISTIC)
  • TradingBeasts (OPTIMISTIC)

One is on the pessimistic (cautious) side, the other is rather optimistic. Google them: I am a new user on this forum and apparently can not post links.

So far I have never seen any of those price predictions come true, but that is my very own personal experience, so please take those price predictions with a HUGE grain of salt. They should be taken like very vague possible future price orientations, and those same predictions might reverse completely in the next months, depending on market developments.

Also I have found that a very good trick, if you are a patient person and want to invest long term in crypto, is to test that particular coin with a very small amount of cash.

Let’s say you buy $25 worth of Verge and keep it for 6 months. You will check the price daily, and if it all goes well and the stats, indicators, tech analysis, news, etc are still looking good 6 months after that, THEN you can decide to dive in with some more serious cash eventually.

Of course you could miss out on some profits, but you certainly will avoid a lot of fluctuations and losses. This should help protecting your hard earned cash by giving you a larger window of time to evaluate your potential investment more accurately: What looks great in one month time might not look so good after 6 months. Having some skin in the game (even if only $25) will force you to focus on it.

Usually crypto has huge variations, so even if you miss out on some opportunities today, it is very likely you will find very good new opportunities again in the future, so DO NOT RUSH INTO IT.

Just a tip from my own experience in crypto, This is not financial advice, I am no professional crypto-trader, just an amateur with an interest in crypto whose opinion is worth what is worth. I am not pushing you to invest in crypto, rather the opposite. Please do A LOT of VERY EXTENSIVE and CAREFUL research of your own before even considering investing in any crypto-currency.

From the 1-day Verge chart, it is evident enough to understand that it has been trying hard to retain its bullish trend in this volatile market, but it can hardly avoid the intermediate bearish range. Rather, the bearish range is much more impactful than the bullish range, and as seen from the current scenario, XVG coin is declining sharply which indicates that in the upcoming few hours, it is going to lose its value to a significant level.
Moreover, as it is repeatedly failing to hold on to its bullish ranges so, it is devoid of effective support levels. On 8th July, XVG (XVG to USD) had a peak point of 0.0079 USD, but today only, it deterred to as low as 0.0073 USD. So, within just one day, the Verge price deterred to as low as 5.06%.
It can be said that as the market condition is still the same with no significant changes so, it is better not to make any investment decision on Verge coin as of now. Verge price is expected to fall even more so, and it will further lose its value and is definitely unfit to invest in as of now.

Excellent analysis. Thanks for the contribution and congrats. I would be very happy if I had half your tech analysis skills :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!

I appreciate your opinion