Is it worth to open a casino for bitcoins?

Hey there

I need your help because I was thinking it good be a good idea to open a casino website for Bitcoins. My Girlfriend don’t like my idea at all, because she thinks it is not worth it, but I do think it is. I’m not sure how it has to look like and how i have to run it, but I just wanted to know, what do you think about my idea?

Would you be happy to visit a casino for cryptocurrencys or just for bitcoins?
Would you play in it?
Would you prefer this kind of casino instead of “real casino” sites with real money?

I would be happy to hear something from you about my idea and maybe you have some advices and tips also for me?

it is a good idea
its not even a gamble from your end of it.

Why do you Care ?
What qualifies her to make a judgement on something like this.
is she a business expert perhaps, or is it just an opinion based on nothing
or is it a moral position

i would probably agree with the Moral Position
but not the others.

Not a chance in the world, I’m not that stupid

Not a chance at all, i don’t even play scratchies at mcdonald’s

I don’t attend casino’s
but, TO BE FAIR…
i suppose…

  • if a person was a gambler
  • if a person was not a trader
  • if a person didn’t really understand bitcoin completely

they probably would come to your casino IF YOU MARKETED IT PROPERLY

and the best part for you is this…
When they lost, AND THEY WOULD LOSE
Gamblers ACCEPT LOSS and don’t complain, that’s their lifestyle, THEY ACCEPT IT
simple as that.

So like i said, it’s a rort and you have to have very little morals to do this (no offense, i’m just giving my opinion)
I mean it’s one thing to open a casino
it’s another thing to open a bitcoin casino

but IF YOU DID, You’d make money from it… there is no question about that

You would have to also look into the legal aspect of it, so you didn’t get arrested.

these are my thoughts on the matter

How would you fund your losses ? :confused:

[Edit - I do smile sometimes when people say “I am not a gambler” - but post on gambling websites ! :slight_smile: ]

I like to play a casino. I want to check this site How is it?

It will not be profitable for you because there are a lot of different casinos