Is it worth trading asia?

I only have time to trade during Asia cause of work, is the volumes always this light?


If by “is the volumes always this light” you’re referring to 1850ET, then yes, at this time of day “volumes” are very light - in fact, this post-NY, pre-Tokyo lull is often the slowest part of the 24 hour cycle.

Asia is worth trading, though, and while it doesn’t compare to London or the London/NY overlap, there is tradeable volatility. A concentration on pairs involving NZD, AUD, and JPY may provide more opportunities.

The best answer may also depend on how you intend to trade. I myself set overnight trades between 2100-2400 ET and don’t come back to them until 0700-0800 ET the following day. That 2100-2400 window is one of two times a day I enter positions. That said, if your intent is to scalp, Asia isn’t as well-suited as London/NY and you find your plans to trade in that manner frustrated.

If you’re limited to when you can trade, you might consider what style of trading most suits the time you do have available, balancing that with what best matches up with your personality.

Hopefully that’s helpful!

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hello Andrew, Can you detail a good strategy for this Asian session? I also work during the day eastern time. Lately Ive been following a breakout strategy in the thread ‘win ratio’ but looking for other ways to trade a little earlier in the evening.