Is kot4x a reliable broker?

Anyone use kot4x and if so how is it? thank you for your input in advance

Note from their own pages that:

“At this moment in time, KOT4X is not currently regulated. However, we are in the process of applying for a license to be regulated it can just take a while to go through.”

What possible reason could there be to trust your money with this outfit when the are so many reputable and regulated brokers to choose from…

i know people that use them and they say they are reliable. yea their not regulated which is a negative but seen many good reviews on them. i just wanted more opinions and to see if anybody uses them. thanks for your reply though, definitely keep it in mind!

It is a VERY BIG negative!

And it is not at all unknown for dubious outfits to pen their own “reviews”.

Even their texts on their site are full of spelling mistakes!

If you like cowboys then go ahead … Or are you just advertising on their behalf? It happens! Or maybe i am just cynical!

no im not advertising, im a real HUMAN lol but yea like i said ive heard good things about them. legit have heard people say they would trust them with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not being regulated is the only concerning thing for me tbh

People you know would trust an unregulated broker with hundreds of thousands of Dollars?

Alarm bells are ringing!

Why even risk it? What more can they provide for you that a regulated broker can’t? I just don’t see the upside into take the gamble but I do so all the disastrous things that can happen and it all ends with losing your funds.

i think it is more appropriate to move on FPA which is the foremost source to know which broker is best , have you visited on there about your broker ?

i have not, will do though, i heard blueberry was a good broker.

good broker is a complicated issue , which broker is good it depends on your trading conditions. should choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used

They are can never be trusted

Hello,I signed up for a demo account with them and didn’t really use it because I found a better platform so they noticed the account wasn’t active and rang me the first time to give me advice but the advice was awful they told me I’d have a “Coach” to help me trade but really they just want me to invest money into them so they can scam me! Had numerous calls from them always starts with “Hi, it’s josh here… Continues to practically bribe me to invest money with them! JUST ONE BIG SCAM DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE AT ALL ALSO BLOCKED THE NUMBER BUT THEY CHANGED THE NUMBER JUST TO CONTINUE RINGING ME