Is M15 signals on telegram legit?

There is a signal provider on telegram called M15 signals… Have any of you guys tried them out… Help me out I don’t want to be scammed

If they are charging for signals , be very careful

be prepared to lose money

They are a scam. I have bought one month with them for $55 and their signals are very bad. Also they lie about reaching TP, they don’t say anything about negative trades. !

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As an example for this report they made for 22nd of June 2020. They like about 90% of what’s in there. Only AUDCAD SELL/TP1/20 pips is real, the rest is fake and they don’t count the bad trades. After counting the bad trades and removing the lies the total is a lot below 0.

Don’t use this signal provider, if you search google for m15 reviews you will find many websites complaining its a scam. Even trustpilot had a below 3 score for them.

Hope this helps

What’s their motivation to share profitable signals with public? Have you asked yourself this question?