Is M15 signals on telegram legit?

There is a signal provider on telegram called M15 signals… Have any of you guys tried them out… Help me out I don’t want to be scammed

If they are charging for signals , be very careful

be prepared to lose money

They are a scam. I have bought one month with them for $55 and their signals are very bad. Also they lie about reaching TP, they don’t say anything about negative trades. !

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As an example for this report they made for 22nd of June 2020. They like about 90% of what’s in there. Only AUDCAD SELL/TP1/20 pips is real, the rest is fake and they don’t count the bad trades. After counting the bad trades and removing the lies the total is a lot below 0.

Don’t use this signal provider, if you search google for m15 reviews you will find many websites complaining its a scam. Even trustpilot had a below 3 score for them.

Hope this helps

What’s their motivation to share profitable signals with public? Have you asked yourself this question?

Hey can you message me with some screenshots of your trading account of that actual day please?

You can try some other legit signal provider such as :

Daily Forex.
Forex Signals Factory.

Be careful of scammers.

Hi I have been wondering the same thing. I have been using their Free telegram service to check out how accurate they are for about 3 weeks on a demo account offcourse. So far I have only made about 4 loses with them out of 15. They post on trade day for the free version.

My biggest problem is with them is their stop losses are a bit too broad so I had to trade with smaller lot sizes to manage the risk. Just to see if their Take Profits would actually end up getting there.

Honestly I would lie if I said they are great only because I have used their Free version only for a short time. But so far they seem to be ok.

Never look for signals , because they are not real traders.Dont waste your hard earned money to these scammers.Very few good professional traders are in social trading platforms.You can find over there if you need to copy trades.Good luck…

They charge for their signals. You can try them but don’t trust them blindly.

Don’t trust trading signals. They are all scams.