Is machine learning bullish on stocks or just bulls**t?

Hi all, so I am relatively new to the stock market and trading, and I see a lot of ads about AI/ML stock prediction that say how they successfully predict stock price movements. Is there any thoughts on that? I am not sure if these methods work, or is it just hype?

so I tried to test some free ML tool today and run it for today so here is my settings and it looks like not too bad for free

AVG gain per trade seems kind of low, or is it normal? but I can play around with the sell signal and maybe increase RSI or try to use any other technical indicators.

I am thinking maybe any paid tools will predict much better, any recommendations/thoughts on this AI/ML tool?

It’s actually 9 successful trades already, so it seems might actually work… What is the good AVG gain per trade for very short trades, let’s say not more than 1 hour?

Do you think run it for a week enough before starting to buy stocks? or month?