Is money in Forex

Hi I am new to forex I am going through different forex web and forums and what I am getting some say it’s hard to make money in forex and if you do not loss in the market the broker will eat you and most brokers are against you and other say yes you can make money and gust they talk I made this match of pips and this and that and all day long they writing strategies, showing old charts and they go through all forex forums bragging what they made.
So I know both sides are on the extreme side, my question is there is money in forex? And can you be day trader? And your job is forex day trader.

FOREX is easy…you buy and sell depending on various key factors. Kinda like reading street signs that say stop, yield, speed limit, etc. Whether reading candle sticks, moving averages, news, or other various methods people like to trade…there are key factors to take into consideration. Granted there is no 100% guarantee playing on FOREX. Even a child could trade and learn when to and when not to trade…kinda like “don’t touch the stove, you’ll burn yourself” or playing video games.

The hard part of it is controlling yourself. Greed, following your own rules about when to open/close positions, managing your money correctly, emotions involved with trading, not taking unnecessary risks in a trade, etc. are harder to learn than the way FOREX works and where to open/close a position.

Is there money in FOREX? Yes. Banks play in it and I know they wouldn’t waste their time in something that isn’t profitable. Look at my signature below for what exactly happened in my account a few weeks ago.

Can you be a trader as a job? Yes. Do some calculations and you can see it can be done to the point where you can sustain a nice income if you learn how to trade.

Thanks a lot for the info I am learning now money management.
What indictor you use the most to buy and sell and what the best broker you think is good to go with.
Again thanks a lot :slight_smile:

if you are a new in forex, so you should, read ,and practice more about forex tech analysis, and fundamental also. you have to ;earn many things in forex market. Greed and Fear these two factors are responsible for happening anything with a trader, so control your greed and fear also.
Plan your trading Strategy, without paling don’t enter to trade. plan your trading strategy and assess your self that you are sure to initiate a trade, then initiate trade.

                      yes there are much money in foerx market, therefore many banks ,Institutional traders are here, obviously they are here because of they think that there is potential for making money.

there are many trader, those are professional trader, means they have only one profession that is forex trading.

Have A Happy Trading